Who has the time and money to make such crappy movies. This question haunts me real crazy. I think Mr Major Ravi should spend some time watching some good old war movies starting with the 1930 classic ‘All quiet on the western front’. Having no clue on how war movies look like, he just puts together stuff that he thinks is a great war movie. I think it is high time that someone taught him the need to do research. All his movies starting with Keerti Chakra were syrupy and reeling with inundating emotions. The very first one, Misson 90 days was okay, was more like a documentary, fine. It seems Mr Ravi got bad reviews about that movie as it focuses on the plot rather than emotional state of the characters. As soon as he got that review, he changed his path to make movies that might get more people from market. Then what does he stand for? I don’t think he really means to portray the real agonies of a war or terror act, but he just wants to make market for his movie. But if he really wants to bring more movies about life in the uniform and make them better, I think all he needs to do is to strike a balance between the boring emotional extravaganza and the real plot. The only person/actor I liked in picket-43 was ‘Bacardi’ 😀 the lovely lab.


India’s first navigation satellite defeats the skies and soars to success. Good, but is this really going to help us, the common man, the everyday tax payers? Well, honestly, I doubt it. Our country has a big problem now, I mean bigger than things like corruption, poverty, unemployment, epidemics etc. Wondering what it is? It’s a disease that is portrayed in the movie – Ghajini/Memento, its called short term memory loss. This is the biggest problem that this country faces today. We forget every event that happened yesterday, day before, last week, last month. While the media is blatantly celebrating the success of the launch, there are people still clinging on to their dear lives in Uttarakhand, the victims of man-made disaster. While the cloudburst was a natural phenomenon, our country’s nasty politicians and their ineptitude could be blamed for the events that followed resulting in mass loss of life and infrastructure destruction. A committee named NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) was put together to act at times like these. It came to existence after we lost a lot of people in the Tsunami back in 2005. They have been preparing for long 8 years which wasn’t enough for them to gain any skill in managing such a situation. Indian Army worked day and night to save people and marveled in what they did. Kudos. But should we be satisfied by this? There was a body completely dedicated or such situations and what did it do? Nothing commendable. I read from India Today that everyone in this committee was paid hefty salary and they all enjoyed the perks equivalent to those given to IAS ranked officers. And where did all this money come from? Tax, our hard earned money that the mighty government loots. What happened to Anna Hazare? Where is Mr Aam Admi? In the archives. They were all thrown into past by new crimes, new stories of corruption. Is a satellite something worth celebrating? I think no, not until we stop the heinous rapes in Delhi, not until the government acts swiftly and skillfully in times of calamities god forbid yet to happen, not until the politicians stop working for their benefit than the people who voted for them, not until India is saved from the clutches of political families who have been exploiting the country and its resources for personal profits, not until our media gets cured of the short term memory loss and sustain the grave issues in limelight, not until the religious terrorism is wiped out, not until dowry system is obliterated, not until garbage is processed without pollution, not until our forests are saved, not until rivers are stopped being manipulated against nature and against rules, not until bribery is eradicated, not until education stops being a business than a right, not until a lot more things change in our everyday lives, above is just a small list to begin with.

No disrespect to Kamal, he is a great actor, one of the greatest ever. But this movie, could’ve been made better by paying attention to details. Graphics is definitely better than his last attempt, Dasavatharam (https://govindanpotti.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/dasavatharam-sheer-wastage-of-3-hours ) . But both these movies together smashed down the expectations on Kamal  as a director (for a lot of serious cinema viewers). I would’ve liked this movie if I looked at it just from an entertainment stand point, without opening my eyes to any international movies, war movies etc.

If you are planning to watch this movie, I recommend not to read further, I’m planning to do a write up which could contain spoilers. If you already watched it, please read and find if I make sense.

The opening song sequence itself was prolonged to an extent where I was looking at my watch to see when its going to end.[ The song was “inspired” or “influenced” by ‘Madhuvan me radhika nache re’ I guess – that’s not a bad thing, just mentioned on the flow. ] He has done the feminine character well, but then even Dileep had done it. So I believe its not a hard thing to do. But its very predictable in the beginning itself that Kamal’s character is just acting so.

The way Vis gets into trouble and gets into the hands of the terrorists doesn’t really conform to the way the character’s mightiness/intellectual is portrayed. If he is a guy who can even place bugs literally everywhere it shouldn’t be very easy for an amateur private detective (who is portrayed like a joker) to easily spot him doing Namas and then report it to his wife, especially when he knows that his wife has appointed a detective who is always following him. Makes no sense.

It would’ve been easy to fight a group of 4-5 people at his home when he and his wife are being captured than waiting till they are being taken into custody in a warehouse full of people.The initial fighting sequence has been done well technically but its mainly just from the commercial perspective. Unnecessary replays are an overkill.

I don’t know if its just me, but the character played by Rahul Bose is a failure, with his funny look and funny ways. I was a big fan of him, his movies like Mr n Mrs Iyer, Mumbai Matinee, Jhankar Beats etc. But this one, a definite turn off.

Positives – the gore, yeah good to see. Shot on the head, flying limbs, definitely done well. Come on we are in 2013, these techniques were incorporated in world movies since time immemorial, we are yet to catch up.

Coming to the flash back part – what sense does it make to believe that Taliban bigshot is recruiting people who can talk Tamil not Arabic. Funny ain’t it? Well, thinking of Dasavatharam, where it showed the meetings taking place in Tamil in a US board, this is acceptable, to see Taliban big shot Umar talking in Tamil and recruiting people with Tamil knowledge.

War scenes could’ve done better by focusing on some details. The scenes of shots fired from chopper failed big time. Some helicopters scenes are done only semi-professionally, could’ve made better easily. I’m a huge fan of war movies. The war/shooting scenes cannot even be compared to any of the good war movies that I know of. May be we can do a comparison with Mr Major Ravi’s war scenes and feel better.

Positives – the location shown is really good. Read wiki to find some sets were done in Chennai also. A hanging scene is done well. Carcass scenes, good job, but again, overkill. There is one scene in which Rahul Bose blindfold his son and makes him guess the gauge of bullets, some messenger interrupts him and Omar (Rahul Bose) leaves the  son with the blindfold on. That kind of passes a message – intentionally or not.

The whole climax sequence is messed up. Too much pressure has gone in to make it a commercial type. Evident in each frame. Dr. Nirupama is unnecessarily becoming part of the swat team tracking down the Nigerian who is about to blow up the atomic weapon. In any angle, it is highly nonsensical that she got included in the team and to cover it up, she is given the chance to talk about Faraday shield. That character kept reminding me of the nagging Asin in Dasavatharam and last Faraday shield twist was more like the NACL/Tsunami bull crap in that same movie.

Now coming to the hype part – what is so provoking in this movie as to have caused a ban? I don’t get it. We had already seen too many Taliban atrocity videos where in they kill, decapitate, blow up into smithereens. It doesn’t take anybody much time to go to the internet and browse to see such original videos. But then, that’s not to be generalized as the action of a religion as a whole, its the action of a faction, an extreme one. I strongly believe that all the ban etc chaos was caused by brains behind the marketing team. Well, it worked. Period.

Note: I’m also a Kamal fan, please bear that in mind, if you intend to post comments. This blog is just to express my views on this particular movie. This is not against Kamal or his fans or his movies. Hate speech wouldn’t be tolerated. With that said, I’m winding up.

Along with a lot of changes in lot of different fronts, the taxi service concept has changed positively in Trivandrum. I had good experience with Celcabs. They have decent fares and provide good service, as I found a couple of times during my stay there this visit. Last visit, I had a bad experience with another cab company called Texas Cabs. I would recommend people to stay away from them. They charge rates for the distance from their garage in Idappazhinji back to the garage after the trip. So its almost two times than that of other cabs.


Shame on you all spineless, selfish and shameless bastards. What is so motivating you to stop normal life by calling these sudden strikes? Arresting one criminal cleanses the society of that rubbish, here they take it as a stick to beat the government. Such a pity. I reached Trivandrum today morning to ride through the deserted otherwise traffic stricken roads. Either the ruling party or the opposition party, we get to see a hartal every now and then. Is there an end to this drama? Dont we have many serious issues that are pending since time immemorial to be attended and solved?

Anna Hazard

Anna Hazare fasted, Anna Hazare congratulated Pranab. Anna Hazare drank water, ate chapathis, Anna Hazare did this, Anna Hazare did that – enough of it?

Anna Hazare reveals his plans for 2014 general elections! Ah! Here it comes. So he and other “Anti-Corruption Crusaders” will have a direct hand on the people getting elected.

Excerpts from some news

“I will not go into politics but I will give a political alternative to the people. I will not fight in elections,”
“I will travel across the country, tell people to come up with candidates and pick the best out of them. I will then campaign for the candidates in the 2014 elections,” Hazare said appearing on Aaj Tak’s Seedhi Baat programme.

 Are people in India not done with his stunts? Tomorrow we will hear that “I couldn’t find anyone as a good candidate. So I decided to compete in the elections”

Even Anna’s close allies are accused in corruptions cases. Kiran Bedi was charged for cheating and misappropriating funds, Baba Ramdev for tax evasion. Anna himself has been accused of misappropriation.

There is an evident lack of enthusiasm in Anna’s supporters. Their number has been declining and as per the papers, its just near to thousand now. How much money has been amassed from the supporters etc and how much of it has been amissed – will remain a mystery. Stardom of Hazare and team has lost its lustre and will continue to lose because “you cannot fool everyone always”

Corruption is everywhere. A sudden rise of one star is not going to change a system that is corrupted to the core. First of all take out the reservation and let eligible people to take up deserving posts in the system. When that happens, we will see some considerable change for sure. Why being stubborn on a pipe dream when there are valid causes that we can fight for? Focus all the energy there and make it happen.

On Parole!

On Parole!

It happens when you gotta go to office on a weekend and wait a long time after triggering the installation 🙂